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Date 2012-04-20.09:53:22
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[moving from Rietveld back to Roundup]

On 2012/04/20 11:15:48, storchaka wrote:
> The `aligned_end` may point outside unicode object, 
> if the unicode object was reallocated.

How so? The aligned_end *never* points into the unicode object:

q = (unsigned char *)s;
e = q + size - 1;
aligned_end = (const unsigned char *) ((size_t) e & ~LONG_PTR_MASK);

So aligned_end points into s, not into the unicode object. 
So this adjustment is necessary because the *input* may change in the callback,
not because the output may change. So the comment in decode_utf8_errors seems
just as wrong.

Why this is relevant to this issue, is unclear to me, though: the ignore handler
doesn't modify the input object.
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