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Date 2012-04-20.04:55:03
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r.david.murray said:
> No, Guido's boolean keyword dislike is not about things
> being unclear at the call site.

I wasn't referring to Guido specifically, just general code smell complaints about boolean parameters.

> That is (I believe) he prefers lstat/stat to having stat take
> a boolean keyword, keyword-only or not.
> Did he weigh in on the python-ideas thread?

Not per se.  But I ran into him when he was leaving PyCon 2012 for good (second night of the sprints iirc), and he steered me to the original python-ideas thread and asked me to follow up on it / work with the poster.  (Probably because of my doing the nanosecond-precision os.stat / utime work.)  If there's genuine opposition to the patch being generated here I'll ping him.

Oh, btw storchaka, in the email thread you asked

> how the user code will check the availability of
> dirfd functionality. Special global flags in os or sys?

No--it'll just be part of a release, and you'll check which version of Python 3 you have before using it.

    if sys.version_info.major >= 3 or sys.version_info.minor >= 3:
       # use extra flags

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