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Date 2012-04-18.14:25:39
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You could change Lib/ to have ``import _frozen_importlib as _bootstrap`` if you want the same modules coming from imp, but I would argue against changing importlib itself being changed as that complicates development since if you screw up importlib._bootstrap when you compile it becomes a major pain to revert the importlib.h change, recompile, and continue to do that until you get it right. Plus you would only care about this if you are doing isinstance() checks on what kind of loader you have which you shouldn't care about since we have clearly defined ABCs to test against.

As for Lib/test/, it *does* have a source encoding of UTF-8 since it does not explicitly specify an encoding. Based on the name I'm assuming the file itself has bad UTF-8 characters, but that doesn't mean that the file is not supposed to be interpreted as UTF-8.
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