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Date 2012-04-17.15:58:04
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There should no longer be any implicit part of import when there doesn't have to be. To make import fully explicit, some things need to happen (in context to importlib):

* Expose FileLoader
* Expose SourceFileLoader
* Expose PathFinder
* Expose the extension loader
* Expose the default path hook
* Explicitly set sys.meta_path with PathFinder
* Explicitly set sys.path_hooks with the default path hook and zipimport
* Make sys.path_importer_cache view None as no finder discovered
* Insert None into sys.path_importer_cache instead of NullImporter

I am not exposing SourcelessFileLoader because importlib publicly tries to discourage the shipping of .pyc files w/o their corresponding source files. Otherwise all objects as used by importlib for performing imports will become public.
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