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Date 2012-04-12.23:26:36
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Attached a new patch with a few more tests and a simplification of the attrfind regex.

> But it allows the passage of an invalid code in strict mode.

HTMLParser is following the HTML5 specs, and doesn't do validation, so there's no strict mode (and the strict mode of Python 3 will be removed/deprecated soon).

> I think, this problem can be solved by a more direct way,
> perhaps even simplifying the original code.

This might be true, but I'm quite happy with this patch for now.  Maybe one day I'll rewrite it.

> Unless there is a specification somewhere (or at least an editor's
> draft), I can't really see any particular parse as a bugfix.

If HTMLParser doesn't parse as the HTML5 specs say, then it's considered a bug.
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