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Date 2012-04-10.02:52:32
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Yes, I think my libffi setup is okay, but python apparently doesn't (according to the deeper-down log files I didn't initially know about).  The following is a suspicious-looking snippet from build/temp.hp-ux-B.11.31-ia64-2.7/libffi/config.log... I have to question the usefulness of that linker error message.  My immediate thought is that maybe conftstm.o is a 32-bit object file, but I don't see anything earlier in the log to indicate it was even created.

configure:6159: gcc463 -o conftest  -I. -IInclude -I./Include  -D_TERMIOS_INCLUDED  -I/usr/local/lp64/include -mlp64 -L/usr/local/src/Python-2.7.2 -L/usr/local/lp64/lib conftest.c conftstm.o >&5
ld: Mismatched Data ABI. Expected EF_IA_64_ABI64 but found None in file conftstm.o
Fatal error.
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