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Most assert statements of the unittest module provide both an assert statement as well as its inverse, like "assertIn" and "assertNotIn". There is apparently no such thing for exceptions.

I can do the following:

> with self.assertRaises(SomeException):
>     do_something()

But not:

> with self.assertRaisesNot(SomeException):
>     do_something()

I don't want to simply execute the code and hope that it doesn't raise an exception, because if it does, the test fails with an "error" status instead of a "failed" status.

A possible workaround is the following code:

> try:
>     do_something()
> except SomeException:

But that is not that expressive as an assert statement.

A naming alternative would be "assertDoesNotRaise".

In case this enhancement gets accepted, there should also be an inverse of "assertRaisesRegexp".
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