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Date 2012-03-24.00:57:31
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To answer eli.bendersky's questions:

1. That's just the name of the file with my changes in it.
I pulled the original file from Hg, copied it to "", made my changes, and created a patch from the two.

2. I'm not very familiar with the structure of the codebase for Python, so I'll provide some information that sounds relevant to me...

The changes I made were for the file under cpython/Lib/xml/etree/ .
I used as the base to make a new patch, reflecting storchaka's recommendation on logic order and a clarification on path name for the modified file.

The source for the 'ElementC14N' module is not part of Python, so I cannot modify the code for the '_serialize_c14n' function.
It appears that this is dependent on .

Looks like I may need to refactor this patch to work in a way that does not alter the signature for the _serialize_* methods.
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