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> The existing code uses the b"".join() idiom for linear-
> time concatenation, but the patch replaces it with a version that does
> "buf += data" after each read.

You made a mess. The existing code uses ``buf += data``, but I allowed myself 
to replace it with the ``b"".join()`` idiom. The bzip2 codec has to deal with 
large pieces of data, now this may be important. In read1 still used ``buf += 
data``, but not in loop, there is a concatenation of the only two pieces.

> "The zip format specification has included support for bzip2 compression

Thank you. Can you offer the variant with including both bzip2 and lzma 
(supported since 2006)? I put him in the upcoming patch that adds support for 
lzma compression  to the zipfile module.
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