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STINNER Victor wrote:
> New submission from STINNER Victor <>:
> Python 3.3 has 3 functions to get time:
>  - time.clock()
>  - time.steady()
>  - time.time()
> Antoine Pitrou suggested to deprecated time.clock() in msg120149 (issue #10278).
> "The problem is time.clock(), since it does two wildly different things
> depending on the OS. I would suggest to deprecate time.clock() at the same time as we add time.wallclock(). For the Unix-specific definition of time.clock(), there is already os.times() (which gives even richer information)."
> (time.wallclock was the old name of time.steady)

Strong -1 on this idea.

time.clock() has been in use for ages in many many scripts. We don't
want to carelessly break all those.
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