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Antoine Pitrou <> wrote:
> You could use Py_LOCAL_INLINE, but most compilers should inline small
> functions automatically, AFAIK.

At the time I wrote it I benchmarked everything. I'm pretty sure
that gcc did not inline larger functions like mpd_qresize_zero()
and mpd_word_digits() and even some smaller ones that are declared
ALWAYS_INLINE. Also, the static inline functions in the header
files are absolutely crucial for speed.

I recall that Mark initially said that in the Modules hierarchy
not every module would need to compile. Now, _decimal is already
tested with gcc, clang, icc, suncc, Visual Studio, and success
has been reported with xlc[1]. CompCert compiles libmpdec but not

_ctypes does not compile with icc and suncc. Unlike _ctypes, _decimal
has a fallback in the form of So, perhaps as an alternative
we could leave the inlines and wait for build failure reports?

[1] compilation success, one of the numerous AIX issues on with loading the module was encountered IIRC.
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