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Date 2012-03-04.00:19:14
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Because the use case is to copy the access and modification time from a file to another, I would prefer to use the timespec structure: (sec: int, nsec: int). st_atime_ns and st_mtime_ns fields would be added to os.stat() structure: int in range [0; 999999999].

Copy atime and mtime from src to dst:

st = os.stat(src)
atime = (math.floor(st.st_atime), st.st_atime_ns)
mtime = (math.floor(st.st_mtime), st.st_mtime_ns)
os.utime(dst, (atime, mtime))

os.utime() would accept int, float or (sec: int, nsec: int) for atime and mtime. Examples:

os.utime(name, (1, 1))
os.utime(name, (1.0, 1.0))
os.utime(name, ((1, 0), (1, 0)))
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