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Date 2012-02-29.20:42:59
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Added tests in Lib/test format.

After applying and BytestrPickler_c.diff, 
    ./python -m test -v -m PyPicklerBytestrTests test_pickle
returns 12 tests, no errors, while 
    ./python -m test -v -m CPicklerBytestrTests test_pickle
only passes
test_dump_bytes_protocol_0 (test.test_pickle.CPicklerBytestrTests) ... ok
test_dump_bytes_protocol_1 (test.test_pickle.CPicklerBytestrTests) ... ok
test_dump_bytes_protocol_2 (test.test_pickle.CPicklerBytestrTests) ... ok
test_dump_bytes_protocol_3 (test.test_pickle.CPicklerBytestrTests) ... ok

and has 8 errors (as expected).
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