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>> + f = open(self.procfile, 'r')
>> 'rb' mode is enough here, no need of Unicode ;-)
> Why?

The parent process doesn't read the file content, only the child. The
parent only needs a file descriptor.

>> + self.mem_watchdog = subprocess.Popen(..., stdin=f)
>> Can't you open the /proc/pid/stat file in the child process? It might be an issue with SELinux or Grsecurity, but I don't expect that our buildbot use such security patch.
> (...) I don't want it to read another
> process' /proc/<PID>/statm (I know this would require an immediate
> recycling of the PID which is thus really unlikely, but hey).

Oh ok, this is a good reason. You may document such tricky justifications.

>> You should catch OSError here.
> Why? If we get an OSError, we can't do much except exiting anyway.

To not print a traceback if the parent dies.
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