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Date 2012-02-28.19:19:35
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I wanted to post an update on FreeBSD 9.0, which Jesús and I worked on a bit yesterday.

Maybe Jordan will chime in here with an answer to my FreeBSD problems. :-)

With a little bit of Makefile hackery (make it skip building the phelper stuff which was failing with a "useless declaration" error and which is for jstack which might not be supported on FreeBSD), I got Python to build with Jesús's patches.

But I couldn't actually dtrace anything with it.

And then I stepped back and tried to dtrace other programs to see if userland DTrace was working and I ran into all kinds of problems, including killing the traced program and a (reproduceable) kernel panic. Here's a question that I posted about it on the FreeBSD-questions mailing list:

If I can get the FreeBSD DTrace support working without too much effort, then I'll do it, but if it's problematic, then I might skip it and focus on helping Jesús test his stuff on OS X and OpenIndiana.
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