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Limiting to 10.6 and above seems entirely reasonable to me. I am one of the few folks that I know who is still on 10.6. Most of my friends are on 10.7.

Since OS X is primarily a desktop OS, I think people tend to upgrade more quickly compared to more of a server OS like Solaris. For instance, I stayed on 10.5 for a while but was eventually forced to upgrade to 10.6, because I wanted to do iOS development and the Xcode and developer SDK needed to do that required 10.6. That right there kind of tells you that even Apple is not really supporting 10.5 for development.

Also, if you target 10.6, I can test it for you. If you target 10.5, I don't have a 10.5 machine to test with.

So if it's at all hard to support 10.5, I'd say skip it and someone else can do it if they really need it. But I doubt that will happen.
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