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Marc, OpenIndiana is one of the platforms I am testing myself :-).

If you can try FreeBSD 9.0, that would be amazing.

I have committed the skip of "jstack()" test in "darwin", since we know that the code is not actually ported to MacOS X.

The main complexity of supporting MacOS X was that "dtrace -G" used to fails under MacOS. Current MacOS releases simply ignore the flag. I don't know since when this is not an issue anymore. Can you test under older MacOS releases?. Is it OK to support this feature ONLY in recent OS releases?. AFAIK, "-G" was a problem with MacOS X 10.5. See

Have you tried both 32 and 64 bits builds?.

I have a handful of pending commits for vainilla Solaris 10 support, and I hope to be able to test SPARC builds in a few days.

PS: If you update your clone and have any issue, use as base a08c688aa99b, not "tip". I am going to rewrite some stuff and I rather prefer you have a "known" good codebase.

Thanks for your very helpful effort.
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