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I understand the point about compatibility.
However it is slightly different here, because the method is already deprecated in Python 2.7 and 3.2, with a warning in the documentation and a DeprecationWarning at runtime.
This method was never available in the C version, and the documentation is clear about the recommended way of writing a custom doctype handler.
Arguably, it is not the most popular feature of ElementTree.

I am not opposed to adding the deprecated method in the C implementation, but it will need someone to do the patch, taking care of raising the deprecation warning correctly, and taking care of the case where XMLParser is subclassed. Is it worth the hassle?

Please not that contrary to what is stated in the first message (msg153328), the doctype() method is not defined on the default TreeBuilder (Python) class. The documentation suggests to add it on custom TreeBuilder implementations.
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