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Date 2012-02-22.08:00:17
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With an hg checkout, I don't run into the `offsetof` problem - it fails when it gets to calling dtrace to generate Python/dtrace.o (again -G is the culprit).

$ hg clone
$ cd cpython-2011
$ hg update dtrace-issue13405_2.7
$ ./configure --prefix=/Users/marca/custom --enable-shared --with-dtrace
$ make
$ make
if test "dtrace" != "" ; then \
		dtrace -o Python/dtrace.o -64 \
			-C -G -s ./Include/pydtrace.d \
				Python/ceval.o Modules/gcmodule.o \
				Objects/classobject.o Objects/typeobject.o; \
	else    touch Python/dtrace.o ; \
dtrace: ignored option -- 64
Usage: dtrace [-aACeFHlqSvVwZ] [-arch i386|x86_64] [-b bufsz] [-c cmd] [-D name[=def]]
	[-I path] [-L path] [-o output] [-p pid] [-s script] [-U name]
	[-x opt[=val]]
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