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Author jankratochvil
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Date 2012-02-20.05:43:45
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There was a bug for non-shared build of Python, thanks.

This patch is an improvement on its but it is not yet complete.
One should also replace "-Xlinker -export-dynamic" by "-Wl,--dynamic-list" so that linking application with libpython is no longer intrusive.

But I found out GDB does not need to be affected by this Bug.  When I use -fvisibility=hidden for GDB .c files then "-Xlinker -export-dynamic" has no longer any negative effect (GDB was using only "-Wl,--dynamic-list" now which works without libpython but not with libpython). Therefore I no longer mind much about this Bug.

Still at least:

Even with clean tree the upstream build generates for me:
Python build finished, but the necessary bits to build these modules were not found:
_bsddb             _ssl               bsddb185
dl                 imageop            sunaudiodev

(so sunaudiodev.c was changed without any testing of it)
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