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Changeset 499796937b7a implements PEP 394 for OS X framework builds on Python 2.7.  OS X framework builds already created versioned symlinks for all executables and scripts installed in the framework bin directory, of the general form ${cmd} - ${cmd}2.7.  This is all accomplished in some additional targets in Mac/Makefile which are automatically added by configure for framework builds and supersede the standard processing in the main Makefile bininstall and altbininstall targets.  The changes here add the additional hierarchy of ${cmd} -> ${cmd}2 -> ${cmd}2.7.  Per previous practice, all of the links are created in the framework bin directory for both the install and altinstall targets.  This is consistent with the long-standing recommendation to manage multiple framework versions by adding and ordering framework bin directories on $PATH.  Also, per past practice, symlinks to all framework bin entries are created in $prefix/bin (by default, /usr/local/bin) for the install target and only versioned links are created for altinstall, although the use of these links is not recommended for framework builds and their installation is optional with the standard OS X installers.

No changes are needed for 3.2 or 3.3 at this time.  Although the Mac/Makefile targets don't quite create all of the versioned links in $prefix/bin, the installer build script does the right thing by creating symlinks to everything in the fw bin directory.

In many respects, the current situation for framework builds is less than ideal, with duplicated code, vestigial links, and, more importantly, a clumsy and non-transparent method for managing multiple versions.  I intend to revisit this area prior to Python 3.3 feature code cutoff as a separate issue.
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