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Date 2012-02-13.12:34:52
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Now the merge is done. Thank you Eli for the effort, and to the other contributors for the review.

Following topics may need further work:

 - add a Deprecation warning for cElementTree? it will annoy the package maintainers which support both 3.2 and >= 3.3, because either they'll use the non-accelerated version in 3.2, or they will have the Deprecation warning in 3.3 ... IMHO, it's better to do nothing, and just keep the mention in the documentation that it is deprecated.

 - raise the Deprecation warnings for the functions and methods which are marked as deprecated in the documentation (the Python code does it, but not the C accelerator)

 - convert _elementtree.c Python bootstrap code to C

 - refactor the test suite

These topics are not high priority. A specific issue should be opened if any of them require some attention.
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