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On Fri, 2012-02-10 at 23:02 +0000, STINNER Victor wrote:
> STINNER Victor <> added the comment:
> Review of add-randomization-(...).patch:
>  - there is a missing ")" in the doc, near "the types covered by the :option:`-R` option (or its equivalent, :envvar:`PYTHONHASHRANDOMIZATION`."
>  - get_hash() in fails completly on Windows: Windows requires some environment variables. Just use env=os.environ.copy() instead of env={}.
>  - PYTHONHASHSEED doc is not clear: it should be mentionned that the variable is ignored if PYTHONHASHRANDOMIZATION is not set
>  - (Python 2.6) test_hash fails because of "[xxx refs]" in stderr if Python is compiled in debug mode. Add strip_python_stderr() to and use it in get_hash().

I'm attaching revised versions of the "add-randomization" patches
incorporating review feedback:

The other pair of patches are unchanged from before:

Changes relative to *-2012-02-06-001.patch:
  * changed the wording of the docs relating to PYTHONHASHSEED in
Doc/using/cmdline.rst to:
    * clarify the interaction with PYTHONHASHRANDOMIZATION and -R
    * mentioning another possible use case: "to allow a cluster of
python processes to share hash values." (as per )
    * rewording the awkward "overrides the other setting"
  * I've added a description of PYTHONHASHSEED back to the man page and
to the --help text
  * grammar fixes for "Fail to" in 2.6 version of the patch (were
already fixed in 3.1)
  * restored __VMS randomization, by porting vms_urandom from
Modules/posixmodule.c to Python/random.c (though I have no way of
testing this)
  * changed env = {} to env = os.environ.copy() in get_hash() as noted
by haypo
  * fixed test_hash --with-pydebug as noted by haypo (and test_os),
adding strip_python_stderr from 2.7

I haven't enabled randomization in the
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