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Date 2012-02-11.09:23:48
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> Anyhow, I tried to apply it and a few tests in test_xml_etree_c fail,
> because it can't find fromstring and fromstringlist.

Ooops, I cut some redundancy after running the tests, and I forgot to re-add the import. You're right.

> However, why did you leave some bootstrapping code inside?
> It's the only instance of calling PyRun_String in Modules/

I just tried to cut the import cycle and import it the other way.
I think it was done like that historically, for some reason, when
the module was first developped (for Python 1.5 maybe ...)
It is not necessary to remove all the Python code at once, and I am better at Python than at C.
We can delay this additional clean-up at a later time, it does not
block the PEP399 implementation.
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