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Date 2012-02-09.14:08:18
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Thanks for the bug find Antoine, I worked surprisingly hard trying to make this right in more edge cases and while fixing it I noticed rglob/globtree has 3 options:

* Behave like a glob for every subdirectory. Meaning that every relative path gets a '*/' prepended to it. Eg rglob('c/d') started from the directory 'a' will yield 'a/b/c/d'.

* Behave like a glob for every subdirectory of the directory in the filter string. Meaning rglob('c/d') from dir 'a' won't yield 'a/b/c/d'. It would try to walk from 'a/c' and yield nothing if the directory 'c' doesn't exist in 'a'. Note that if the directory 'c' does exist then '/a/c/f/d' would be yielded. That seems kind of quirky to me.

* Behave like a filtered walk. Meaning that in order to yield files nested in subdirectories a wildcard must be introduced. Eg rglob('c/d') started from the directory 'a' won't yield 'a/b/c/d'. For that to occur you would need to use rglob('*c/d') or rglob('*/c/d'). What's more unfortunate is that rglob('d') doesn't yield 'a/b/c/d' which seems wrong. So I think for this we should special case paths that don't have path separators and prepend the "*/". Though some may argue it's wrong that rglob('d') yields 'a/b/c/d' even though rglob('c/d') won't yield it, I think that's the correct choice for this route.

Note that absolute paths with/without wildcards don't have this ambiguity. In both rel/abs wildcards should match directories and files alike.

Which option do you guys think would be best? I already have a fixed patch for option 1 and 3 but I'd rather hear your thoughts before I introduce either.

P.s. another slight issue I ran into is the fact that fnmatch doesn't ignore os.curdir:

    >>> fnmatch.fnmatch('./a', 'a')
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