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Date 2012-02-06.19:07:41
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On Mon, 2012-02-06 at 06:11 +0000, Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> Martin v. Löwis <> added the comment:
> IIUC, Win9x and NT4 are not supported anymore in any of the target releases of the patch, so calling CryptGenRandom should be fine.
> In a security fix release, we shouldn't change the linkage procedures, so I recommend that the LoadLibrary dance remains.


Am attaching tweaked versions of the 2012-02-01 patches, in which I've
removed the indecisive:
#if 1
       (void)win32_urandom((unsigned char *)secret, secret_size, 0);
       /* fast but weak RNG (fast initialization, weak seed) */

stuff, and simply use the first clause (win32_urandom) on Windows:
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add-randomization-to-2.6-dmalcolm-2012-02-06-001.patch dmalcolm, 2012-02-06.19:07:31
add-randomization-to-3.1-dmalcolm-2012-02-06-001.patch dmalcolm, 2012-02-06.19:07:39
fix-broken-tests-on-2.6-dmalcolm-2012-02-06-001.patch dmalcolm, 2012-02-06.19:07:38
fix-broken-tests-on-3.1-dmalcolm-2012-02-06-001.patch dmalcolm, 2012-02-06.19:07:40
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