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> Well it would probably be closed when the connection object is
> destroyed, but the patch looks ok anyway.

Let's be nice with those non refcount-based implementations out there :-)

What do you think of the patch attached
(connection_multiple_bind-1.diff) for the original problem?
It does two things:
1. add the FILE_FLAG_FIRST_PIPE_INSTANCE when creating a pipe on Windows
2. remove SO_REUSEADDR altogether on Windows, since it doesn't seem to
be required

For 2, it should be correct if I understand Microsoft's documentation
correctly, but then I wonder why goes through the pain of
using SO_REUSEADDR + SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE instead of just dropping
SO_REUSEADDR. Do you happen to know a Windows guru (or maybe should I
ask on python-dev?).
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