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Author Luis.Marsano
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Date 2012-02-02.08:32:53
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Got it to build. Unpack the Python (3.2.2) source package and apply this patch to get a package that builds on Cygwin (1.7.9), eg:
xz -d patch.xz && tar -xJf Python-3.2.2.tar.xz && patch -p0 -i patch

(1) The Makefile, makesetup, and distutils.UnixCCompiler and distutils.command.build_ext modules set values for locating cygwin's python library that didn't agree or make sense during buildtime, so I revised them to agree and use build options that work.
(2) configuration and couldn't locate cygwin's ncurses headers, so I revised them to do that. I don't think I made that change as portable friendly as possible, so someone please check that and find a better way.

Your input is welcome.
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