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Date 2012-02-01.03:29:14
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On Tue, 2012-01-31 at 01:34 +0000, Dave Malcolm wrote:
> Dave Malcolm <> added the comment:
> Am attaching a backport of optin-hash-randomization-for-3.1-dmalcolm-2012-01-30-002.patch to 2.6
> Randomization covers the str, unicode and buffer types; equality of hashes is preserved for these types.

I tried benchmarking the 2.6 version of the patch.

I reran "" 16 times, setting PYTHONHASHRANDOMIZATION=1, and
--inherit_env=PYTHONHASHRANDOMIZATION so that the patched python uses
the randomization, using a different hash for each run.

Some tests are slightly faster with the patch on some runs; some are
slightly slower, and it appears to vary from run to run.  However, the
amount involved is a few percent.  [compare e.g. with msg151078]

Here's the command I used.
(for i in $(seq 16) ; do echo RUN $i ; (PYTHONHASHRANDOMIZATION=1
python ./
--inherit_env=PYTHONHASHRANDOMIZATION ../cpython-2.6-clean/python ../cpython-2.6-hash-randomization/python) ; done) | tee results-16.txt

Am attaching the results.
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results-16.txt dmalcolm, 2012-02-01.03:29:11
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