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Date 2012-01-31.21:42:02
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Here are two new versions, both addressing Antoine's and Nick's comments:
- fwalk-3.diff is just an updated version
- fwalk-single_fd.diff doesn't use more than 2 FDs to walk a directory
tree, instead of the depth of directory tree. It's not as simple and
clean as I'd like it to be, but it should be much more robust, and
still safe (please make sure about that :-).
I was a little worried about the performance impact, so I did some
trivial benchmarks:
- O(depth) fwalk() is actually a tiny bit faster than walk() (it may
be because we don't do as much path lookup)
- O(1) fwalk() is around 20% slower, on a pure-traversal benchmark (so
in a realistic use case where we would actually do something with the
values returned by fwalk() the difference shouldn't be that
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