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> I think that one of available types of time values returned by os.stat() should allow to directly pass these values to os.futimens() and os.utimensat(), which expect (time_sec, time_nsec) tuples.

Oh, I realized that these two functions were added to Python 3.3, so
it is not too late to change their API. I would prefer to limit the
number of timestamp formats: Python 3.2 has float and datetime, I (and
Martin) propose to add Decimal to Python 3.3 (to get nanosecond
resolution). (sec, nsec) is a new format, except if Python 3.2 has
already functions expecting such tuple?

I know that the underlying C function expects a timespec structure,
but Python can try to use a higher level API, isn't it?

Decimal is more practical than a tuple because you can just write :
t2-t1 to compute a time delta. Decimal has other advantages (read the
issue for the full list ;-)).
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