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Branch status update:
- Text Sequence Types section updated to reflect the new structure
- changed the prose that describes the relationship between printf-style formatting and the str.format method (deliberately removing the implication that the former is any real danger of disappearing - it's simply not practical for us to seriously contemplate killing it off)
- in the top level index, I split the old "String Services" section into "Text Processing Services" and "Binary Data Services". The latter contains 'struct' and 'codecs', the former contains everthing else that used to be in String Services. The index pages for the two sections do cross-reference modules in the other section a bit (Text Processing includes a pointer directly to the codecs module, Binary Data includes pointers to both re and difflib). The real driver for this change was that "struct" has no place in a "String Services" section in Py3k. Since "codecs" could really have gone in either section, I mainly moved it to the binary section so that 'struct' wasn't the only module in there.

Major remaining update is to the Binary Sequence Types section (since I haven't really reviewed that at all after rearranging things.
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