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Date 2012-01-24.07:58:54
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I don't know what the others think, but I'm still -1 on this patch.
Not that I don't like the principle - it's actually the contrary: in a
perfect world, I think this should be made the default -and only -
behavior on POSIX. But since it may break existing code, we'd have to
keep both implementations for POSIX systems, with - at least to me -
little benefit.
Having three different implementations, with different codepaths, will
increase the cognitive burden, make the code less readable, and
debugging harder:
- user: I'm getting this error with multiprocessing
- dev: On Windows or on Unix?
- user: On Unix
- dev: Do you use the fork()+exec() version or the bare fork() version?
- user: what's fork() and exec()?
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