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> read environment varaiables [...] and raise an error if the size cannot be
> read (so no need of default values). The os module is written as a thin
> wrapper between Python and the OS. A more high level function (read 
> environment variables, handle the error, use a namedtuple) can be written in 
> your application, or maybe in another module.

+1. I also find weird that a function, especially one living in the os module, has such a high level of abstraction (basically this is why I was originally proposing shutil module for this to go in).

Given the different opinions about the API, I think it's best to expose the lowest level functionality as-is, and let the user decide what to do (read env vars first, suppress the exception, use a fallback, etc.). 

> I think we have reached the point where we won't be in total 
> agreement over the API, so let's choose whatever is submitted 
> as a patch.

I'd be more careful. Once this gets in it will be too late for a change.
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