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On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 7:58 AM, STINNER Victor
> If the hash output depends on an argument, the result cannot be
> cached.

They can still be cached in a separate dict based on id, rather than
string contents.

It may also be possible to cache them in the dict itself; for a
string-only dict, the hash of each entry is already cached on the
object, and the cache member of the entry is technically redundant.
Entering a key with the alternative hash can also switch the lookup
function to one that handles that possibility, just as entering a
non-string key currently does.

> It would require to add an
> optional argument to hash functions, or add a new function to some
> (or all?) builtin types.

For backports, the alternative hashing could be done privately within
dict and set, and would not require new slots on other types.
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