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Marc-Andre Lemburg:
>> So you get the best of both worlds and randomization would only
>> kick in when it's really needed to keep the application running.

Charles-Fran├žois Natali
> The only argument in favor the collision counting is that it will not
> break applications relying on dict order:

There is also the "taxes suck" argument; if hashing is made complex,
then every object (or at least almost every string) pays a price, even
if it will never be stuck in a dict big enough to matter.

With collision counting, there are no additional operations unless and
until there is at least one collision -- in other words, after the
base hash algorithm has already started to fail for that particular
piece of data.

In fact, the base algorithm can be safely simplified further,
precisely because it does not need to be quite as adequate for
reprobes on data that does have at least one collision.
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