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The library manual has chapters for

unittest: the generic testing framework (package) that any app can use

test: a package with the Python test suite; test_x tests module x
  It has other modules and subpackages, probably not all documented.
  The test modules use unittest, doctest, and other code. some of the other code

AS it says in the test chapter, the test suite imports each test_x and runs its test_main function. The tkinter package includes a test subpackage. test_tk checks that _tkinter and tk are available and if so, runs the tests in tkinter.test. (But I am not sure it really does what it should ;-).

My thought is that we might want to do something similar with idle. However, there needs to be a test_idle module in any case, so we can start with a few tests there and migrate them to a separate idlelib.test subpackage later if we want.
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