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Date 2012-01-06.00:26:47
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> I don't think that it's possible that stdin, stdout and/or stderr have
> its own terminal. I suppose that the 3 streams are always attached to
> the same terminal. So I don't see why the function would take an
> argument. Tell me if I am wrong.

I think it can be useful in case the program creates its own
session/terminal using openpty?

> Instead of using sys.__stdout__.fileno(), you can directly use 1
> because Python always create sys.__stdout__ from the file descriptor
> 1.

From pythonrun.c:

    /* Set sys.stdin */
    fd = fileno(stdin);
    /* Set sys.stdout */
    fd = fileno(stdout);
    /* Set sys.stderr, replaces the preliminary stderr */
    fd = fileno(stderr);
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