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Date 2012-01-06.00:19:29
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Some comments about termsize.diff.3.

I don't see why there are two functions, one should be enough: get_terminal_size() should be dropped, and query_terminal_size() renamed to get_terminal_size(). As said before, I don't think that reading ROWS and COLUMNS environment variables is useful. If a program chose to rely on these variables, it can reimplement its own "try env var or fallback on get_terminal_size()" function.

get_terminal_size() should not have a fallback value: it should raise an error, and the caller is responsible to decide what to do in this case (e.g. catch the exception and use its own default value). Most functions in the posix module work like this, and it avoids the difficult choice of the right default value. (fallback=None is an hack to avoid an exception, it's not the pythonic.)

I don't think that it's possible that stdin, stdout and/or stderr have its own terminal. I suppose that the 3 streams are always attached to the same terminal. So I don't see why the function would take an argument. Tell me if I am wrong.

Instead of using sys.__stdout__.fileno(), you can directly use 1 because Python always create sys.__stdout__ from the file descriptor 1.

I think that a tuple (columns, rows) would be just fine. A namedtuple helps when you have a variable number of fields, or more than 3 fields, but here you just have 2 fields, it's not too much difficult to remember which one contains the columns.

I would prefer an optional function, instead of implementing a function raising a NotImplementedError. All other posix functions are defined like this.

ioctl() is already exposed in the fcntl module, I don't see a specific test for <sys/ioctl.h> header. It looks like the module is always compiled on Unix, I don't see how fcntl and ioctl are tested in

I don't think that you need <conio.h> to get GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo(), <windows.h> should be enough. So just check for "#ifdef MS_WINDOWS".

Your function is helpful, and it is surprising that nobody proposed to implement it in Python. Some libraries did already implement their own function (like the "py" library).
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