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Date 2012-01-03.22:59:52
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> I assume this is left over from the PEP 393 changes.


> I'm not sure such a restriction needs to exist any more.

The restriction was introduced to simplify the implementation. maxchar has to be computed exactly in format_string_internal(), format_int_or_long_internal(), format_float_internal() and format_complex_internal().

For format_string_internal(), the following change is enough (untested):

    if (lpad != 0 || rpad != 0)
        maxchar = Py_MAX(maxchar, format->fill_char);

For number formatting functions, spec->n_lpadding, spec->n_spadding and spec->n_rpadding have to be checked. Something like:

    if (spec->n_lpadding || spec->n_spadding || spec->n_rpadding)
        maxchar = Py_MAX(maxchar, format->fill_char);
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