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Date 2011-12-23.19:51:10
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On Fri, Dec 23, 2011 at 10:35 PM, Antoine Pitrou <>wrote:

> > os.rename(overwrite=False) by default will do less harm than the
> opposite,
> Disagreed.

Fine. No arguments == no consensus.

> > Then I believe that having a small chance of overwriting file just
> created
> > at exactly the same moment on a POSIX is a small price to pay for
> function
> > that does safety check before rename on a platform that doesn't have such
> > functionality at all.
> Disagreed.
> If you need the functionality, it's *one* additional line of code. Not
> every trivial function deserves to be in the stdlib.

As a Windows programmer I am quite surprised to read this thread with
information that on Linux os.rename() overwrites files without questions,
so as I Windows programmer I want os.rename() to stop that. I always guard
my code against accidental rewrite by catching the exception. EAFP and all
that stuff. But there is no way I can ask forgiveness when files are
already overwritten.
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