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Date 2011-12-23.14:40:41
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> There's no point in calling fsync() after each write, since data is
> written to a temporary file which won't be visible before rename():
> even if you call fsync() after each write, if the file is not properly
> closed, it won't be committed (i.e.renamed).

Ah, it's a temporary file indeed.
But does that mean you can't inspect your logs in real time? All log
files I have ever seen are available under their final name while they
are still being written to.

> In the meantime, you could do whatever you want with the stream (the
> hypothetical AtomicFile): seek(), read(), etc.

I see. Yes, then an AtomicFile class makes sense (not for logging
though, IMHO :-)).

And I understand your point about it being available in io or some io
submodule (not a 3-level deep one though :-)). Perhaps you want to ask
on python-dev?
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