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Date 2011-12-19.23:53:19
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systemtap doesn't have have a ustack helper, but if the frame pointer were provided to PYTHON_FUNCTION_ENTRY, then it could be cached to provide python stack frame access.

--- Python/ceval.c.1	2011-12-07 11:18:03.733659382 -0500
+++ Python/ceval.c	2011-12-19 18:45:54.601309213 -0500
@@ -796,3 +796,3 @@
 	lineno = PyCode_Addr2Line(f->f_code, f->f_lasti);
-	PYTHON_FUNCTION_ENTRY(filename, name, lineno);
+	PYTHON_FUNCTION_ENTRY(filename, name, lineno, f);
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