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Date 2011-12-13.00:23:25
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For reference, the implementation that I posted in the other thread is:

    def maybe(got, contextfactory, *args, checkif=bool, **kwargs):
        if checkif(got):
            yield got
            with contextfactory(*args, **kwargs) as got:
                yield got

which produces code like:

def fn(input_file=None):
    with maybe(input_file, open, "/default/input/file/location/"):
        for line in input_file:
            print line

For the example given here in the OP, since rmtree isn't a contextmanager it'd require wrapping it in one first.

I could probably understand if there was desire for these to be a recipe instead. The advantage (if any) of the above over this class is that it keeps context managers sorta looking like context managers. Here if you wanted to write my example it'd require writing code like

with ContextManager() as mgr:
    foo = ctxtmgr()

which doesn't look too great :/

The class though does have wider scope though, since it doesn't necessarily only need a context manager, it can do cleanup for anything, which I guess is nice.
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