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> Alan, I would open a new issue tracking this one and posting a patch there, if I were you.
> Previous DTRACE attempts failed because trying to make everybody happy. I don't want to repeat the mistake.

Sorry, but I'm -1.
I don't feel comfortable with adding a such amount of intrusive code,
which will have to be maintained as the interpreter evolves, to add
probes just for Solaris derivatives, which is, with all due respect,
really a niche platform. So If we merge this, this should at least
support SystemTap upfront.

> In fact this instrumentalization can be used to locate hotspots in python interpreter and maybe improve overall performance.

You can already go a really long way with just strace and oprofile, I
don't really but the performance optimization argument.

Also, I must admit I'm quite skeptical about the real benefit of
explicit probes for user-land, especially for CPython which isn't used
for performance-critical systems...
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