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Date 2011-12-12.02:56:25
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Not sure what you mean with "posted as a recipe" -- are you thinking of a specific website/mailing list?

Example: which one do you mean? The one in the issue or the one in the patch?

With statement: what advantages do you have in mind?

Try/finally: I think the patch and the discussion in python-ideas talk about the advantage over try/finally. IMO the two most important points are: (1) avoids deep and pointless indendation for multiple ressources, (2) keeps logically connected lines (allocation+cleanup) closely together in the source instead of splitting them far apart like try/finally.

error-prone: not sure if I understand you correctly. If there is an error prior to registration, the callback will not be called (that's a feature). To what kind of errors could that lead?

Sorry for basically asking you to re-explain every sentence, but I honestly don't understand most of your message.
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