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Pending work yet: (documented to avoid forgeting it)

- Performance hit because trying to determine the source line in each function call. To be solved with ¿tolerable? memory overhead. Would be acceptable to sacrifice x2/x4 time the pyc filesize (in memory) in order to avoid any runtime performance hit?. That is, a million bytecodes (not a bad program size) could need 2/4 MB. I think it is a good investment if DTRACE becomes performance-transparent.

- Build procedure is flaky. I am asking DTrace developers.

- DTRACE/GCC offset/bitmasks doesn't coincide. Instead of wiring offsets manually, they should be detected at compile time, automatically.

- Add new probes. Suggestions?. What do you want to instrumentalize?. I am thinking about the GIL, module import

- Try the code with "clang" instead of GCC.

- Address pending review comments done by Martin v. Löwis.

- Use PEP 3155.

- Trace C function calls/returns, not only Python ones. The problem here is to know the name of the function, because we can call it in a million different ways. Memorizing the last attribute lookuped is not enough. It seems necessary to memorize some extra metadata at C import.
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