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OK, I removed all the old files and repo links (they're still available in the history below if needed). (well, the link to Renaud's hg patch queue is gone, but that's also present in one of the early comments). (Ron: your comment makes me think you were looking at an old version of the PEP 380 updates. The most up to date published version is the tip of my BitBucket branch)

Also, don't spend a lot of time messing with functional aspects of the patch folks, especially the Grammar. 'yield from' is going to be a variant of the existing yield expressions to avoid parser ambiguity, and it's going to inherit all of the associated restrictions, including the requirement for parentheses when it's the sole argument to a function.

While that restriction isn't *necessary*, it's also irrelevant to this PEP (hence why I reverted Greg's changes that allowed it for 'yield from', but not for other yield expressions).
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