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The stack walker helper now supports unicode too. This was quite difficult!.

The patch is functionally complete.

Current patch is pretty final. It was easy and painless EXCEPT the stackhelper, because the "idea" of "PyCompactUnicodeObject" that GCC and DTRACE have are different. Current code includes a couple of "magic numbers". This can be fragile. But if it breaks, the only missing functionality would be the augmented stack dump. No crashed, because DTRACE probes are safe (for the program being monitored).

I guess the best idea would be to generate a ".h" at compile time, with the right magic constants.

I have tried to create global variables and import them from the stackhelper. That works... unless you use the "-c" DTrace argument. I guess I am hitting some bug in DTrace.

Pending: performance analysis. The performance hit should be very small.

Please, do a preliminar review.
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