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New changeset.

New probes:

- "gc-start", "gc-done": Signal Garbage Collection operations. The first get the generation to scan, the second gets the number of objects collected.

- "line": Called in every Python line. Parameters: module, function, linenumber.

- "instance-new-start", "instance-new-done": information about instance creation.

 - Old style classes: get the name of the class, and the name of the module.

 - New style classes: get the name of the class and, IF WE CAN, the name of the module. This is not working 100%.

- "instance-delete-start", "instance-delete-done": information about instance deletion.

 - Old style classes: get the name of the class, and the name of the module.

 - New Style classes: Not working yet.


- We don't trace new style instances deletion yet.

- We don't trace most C objects creation/deletion.

- When displaying newstyle instances, the module parameter can be incorrect, for internal types.

 - The "line" probe is called again in the first and last line of a loop when the loop finishes.
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